Can we just take a minute to remember that one time that everyone thought Sam was infected with the Croatoan virus and was going to turn into a monster so Dean locked himself in a room with him and was going to kill Sam and then kill himself Romeo and Juliet style because he didn’t want to live without his little brother?

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“He’s like a brother and I love him … We understand each other, even if we look at each other in silence. He sweats a lot and I’m like a mother worried he’ll get sick so I wipe his sweat with a towel I carry around on set. He also eats a lot and usually they close the food area during certain times of the day and sometimes I have my leftovers and I give it to him. I have his back like he has mine. I just wish he was shorter.”-

Jensen Ackles on Jared Padalecki

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Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes 

[Sammy - Season 9]

Its been a very tough year for Sam and Dean. But as long as Dean keeps calling Sam, “Sammy” you feel like things will be okay. 

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SPN episode gifset: Do You Believe In Miracles? (9x23)

(n.b. this is a big set - 147 frames per gif - and Tumblr tends to screw up the timing of the animation on large sets from time to time. The animation IS properly synched so if it’s out of sequence, trust me, it will settle and play correctly eventually. Reloading the page or opening in a new tab often works.)

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Soulless!Sam and Marked!Dean /SPN 6x08 vs. 9x22